Reid mug shot copy Reid “Soar Like an” Adler– Baritone
Reid provides legal advice to life science enterprises looking to avoid big law-firm expense (those looking to incur big law-firm expense should consider calling Tom, Paul, Mike or Nussbaum).
Rick Bond Rick “The Name Is” Bond – Second Tenor
Now a practicing architect, Rick was formerly a full bird in the Army. When Rick shows up at rehearsal in full military dress uniform, experience suggests it is easier to indulge him and salute.
TomBulleit Tom “#1 With A” Bulleit – Second Tenor
Instead of following his family into the lucrative bourbon business, Tom chose a career in a cappella singing. As a hobby, Tom practices health care law in Washington DC.
BillCline Bill “Musically In-” Cline – Baritone
Bill is an economist and also the immensely talented music director of the Augmented 8. He took over from the last music director of the Augmented 8 during the time of Charlemagne.
EdDickens Ed “What the” Dickens – First Tenor
Ed is a former diplomat. Ed now employs his considerable diplomatic skills when telling the basses they are singing the wrong note.
JoshGotbaum Josh “No Milk But” Gotbaum – Baritone
Josh used to live with his family in Hawaii but left the 50th state for the beautiful weather, gentle people and relaxed pace of Washington DC (where he is currently head of a federal agency).
PaulKraske Paul “Under Lock and” Kraske – Bass
Paul is a lawyer and proud to be the Augmented 8 Sergeant-at-Arms (whatever that is).
JohnMagnus John “ Mags” Magnus – First Tenor
A Washington international trade lawyer, John specializes in high policy as well as high notes.
PeterMucchetti Peter “Ready” Mucchetti – Bass
An attorney in Washington, Peter is also an accomplished pianist who enjoys playing duets with his wife (an accomplisheder pianist).
BillNusbaum Bill “Putting the Nut in” Nussbaum – Bass
Although he chose not to pursue a career as a basketball sportscaster, Bill satisfies his passion for “court side action” as a litigator in Washington DC. He is also the treasurer of the Augmented 8.
JohnSymingon John “Rhyming” Symington – First Tenor
John is an infectious disease specialist and president of the Augmented 8. Happily his professional expertise and A8 responsibilities have overlapped on few (albeit memorable) occasions.
MikeWyatt Mike “Let’s Start a” Wyatt – Baritone
Mike, an attorney with a firm in Washington DC, actually lives in a remote Virginia suburb (where a moat and high fence protect him from Maryland liberals).
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