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Augmented 8 to Host Spring Sing 2016 / April 29 – May 1


photo credit, Michael Kleinberg

Counting down to Spring Sing 2016 / April 29 – May 1

Washington D.C.

 Spring Sing Registration Site: Goes Live January 15
We’ll be camping out only minutes from the city’s most popular museums and attractions. The Holiday Inn is a short walk from the event venues and also a quick trip from the airport.
Friday Night’s kickoff will be hosted at the USBG, the gorgeous living plant museum that informs about the importance, and often irreplaceable value, of plants to our well-being and to earth’s fragile ecosystems.
Enjoy Saturday’s performances at the NMAI. This beautiful museum cares for one of the world’s most expansive collections of Native artifacts, including objects, photographs, archives, and media.

When We’re 64 – Spring Sing 2014 Program Line-Up

Concerned that no one would need us or feed us now that we are sixty-four, this year the Augmented Eight traveled far and near in search of exciting “firsts.” On the “far” side, for the first time we held our annual Fall Mountain Weekend at the beach, and new baritone Reid Adler shortly heads to the Milwaukee Pug Fest for a milestone birthday. “Near” firsts include record receipts of nearly $25,000 at our annual Sing Out for Shelter charity concert, new T2s Mox Weber and Saumit Sahi commuting daily deep into the Virginia suburbs, and new baritone Ed Spitzberg frequenting Potomac, Maryland as Daddy Warbucks in a community theater production of Annie. We are all thrilled to be able to add Wilmington to our list of exciting travel firsts.

There She Goes
Music and lyrics, L.A. Mavers (La’s), Tom Springfield/Jim Dale (Seekers)
Arr. Tom Bulleit

When I Fall in Love
Music, Victor Young, lyrics Edward Heyman
Arr. Bill Cline

Brown-Eyed Girl
Music and lyrics Van Morrison
Arr. David Rodwin (Princeton Tiger Tones) and Bill Cline

Through the Years
Music Vincent Youmans, lyrics Edward Heyman,
Arr. G. Puerling (Hi Lo’s)

Ode to Joe
Music George Gershwin, lyrics Mike Wyatt
Arr. Peter Mucchetti

Still Rock and Roll to Me
Music and lyrics: Billy Joel
Arr: Bill Cline

1st Tenor: Ed Dickens, John Magnus~, John Symington, Mike Wyatt
2nd Tenor: Rick Bond, Tom Bulleit, Saumit Sahi*, Mox Weber*
Baritone: Reid Adler*, Bill Cline**, Josh Gotbaum, Ed Spitzberg*
Bass: Paul Kraske, Peter Mucchetti, Bill Nussbaum
*New Member; **Director, ~ On sabbatical

Grunyons Host Spring Sing 2013 in Detroit

Memorial Service for Wat Stewart

Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church
February 12, 2011

Memorial Service for William Watson Stewart, Princeton Class of 1945, long-time president of The Augmented Eight and co-founder of Spring Sing.

Nassoon alumni under the direction of Rich McGlynn, class of 1960, sing “Old Nassau” in honor of “Wat” Stewart, who also founded the Nassoon Alumni Association. He is also credited with designing the Nassoon tie, given to each senior upon graduation.

Several members of the Augmented Eight joined the chorus as Nassoon alumni: Scott Watson, Jim Cavanaugh, Rick Bond, and Michael Collins.




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