Spring Sing & The American A Cappella Alliance


For over 5o years, The Augmented Eight has been a member of Spring Sing, which is now under the auspices of The American A Cappella Alliance (AACA).

AACA promotes a cappella ensemble singing of all styles of popular music. AACA sponsors an annual concert festival called Spring Sing where members and guest groups share their newest repertoire.

AACA strives to:

•foster and support individual and community appreciation and understanding of the history and development of unaccompanied choral music, especially through the formation, promotion, and preservation of contemporary a cappella ensembles as cultural and educational resources in North American communities;

•encourage individual participation in and community support for such groups through education, demonstration, and presentation of public programs; and

•carry on any and all activities as may be helpful or appropriate to the foregoing goals and purposes.

To provide communication, ideas, enthusiasm, and goodwill among vocalists, their families, fans, and friends, who enjoy performing and experiencing a cappella group presentation of vocal jazz and contemporary music; and to broaden interest in a cappella music performance as an avocational outlet for singers of all ages.

This includes:
•annual weekend celebrations for member organizations and guests; hosted by individual member groups, under the auspices of AACA;

•exchange of ideas, music arrangements, and information among participating groups; training and consultation for members of groups, and others, on topics of importance to the genre, such as ensemble techniques, recording and production, and music business methods and procedures; and

•preservation of arrangements, recordings, and other materials describing the unique musical genre celebrated by this organization.

What is an AACA Member Group?

An avocational a cappella vocal group of approximately four to 20 members that prepares and strives to perform with excellence a repertoire of contemporary, popular, folk, novelty, and vocal jazz music.

An AACA member group ascribes to the purposes and interests to which AACA is dedicated. It is enthusiastic about furthering these interests and helping to create a climate in which the Spring Sing tradition will prosper.

Member Group Responsibilities

•Maintain high standards of repertoire and performance, both in their community musical activities and at Spring Sing

•Strive to acquire and perform a constantly evolving repertoire that provides new ideas and performance goals for all AACA groups and members

•Agree to host a Spring Sing convocation at least every 8 to 10 years at a location and under conditions AACA deems to meet its standards and the expectations of participants

•Endeavor to participate as a performing group or with a representative delegation

of its group at each Spring Sing

•Seek to identify potential member groups that represent the interests and objectives


•Provide candidates for representation on the AACA Board for as long as the group remains an AACA member

Prospective Members

•Must be nominated by an existing AACA member group

•Have their groups proposed for membership and approved by the AACA Board

of Directors

•Complete successful guest appearances at two consecutive Spring Sings


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